Fuck it,have a nice life.

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she kills small children sometimes 
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1 note - 5 July, 2014

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Fuck what you told me, 
it all leads to smoking 
alone in my room in the end.

heh fk this

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Hey I haven’t been on this in a long time oh well but if anybody wants to see my goofy face some more u can add me on snapchat @nevermoree

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I want Bryan’s shirt and Aaron’s haircut and facial hair. A man can dream
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Expire - Anxiety (x)
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Seahaven- Sleep Alone (x)
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Basement - Spoiled (x)
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what’s wrong with these alpacas
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La Dispute - You and I in Unison
By: Justin

I follow back similar blogs!
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"So one of our owners Judi was walking on the beach this morning cleaning up the junk that washed into shore and finds a bottle with a message in it. There is also some sand and 2 one dollar bills. Once we get it open and read the notes we find out that it is in fact NOT sand. It is the ashes of this woman’s husband of 27 years named Gordon. She writes that He loved to travel so she sent him traveling in a bottle with a note and money for someone to call home and tell her where he landed. He started at Big Pine Key in March of 2012 and then went to Islamerada where someone found him. They added a note and sent him traveling again and he landed on our beach in Key Colony. Judi called the wife in Tennessee who was excited to know of Gordon’s travels! Judi added her note, we put him in a rum bottle (you know added a little fun to his trip) with the three notes. We added another dollar in case Gordon travels far and a long distance call is needed. We will be having a memorial service or celebration of his life on our beach later today before sending him on his way again. Only our sister Judi could find a dead guy on our beach!”

Everything about this is great!